Ready to show off your Solitaire skills in a new spin-off?

Solitaire Lounge resurrects the classic game of Solitaire and transforms it into an adventure you can play with your family or friends. Complete <i>challenges</i> to unlock new levels and enjoy the <i>incredible animated graphics</i> and <i>soundtracks</i> that come with each new theme.

From the tasty <b>Candy Land</b> to a lonely island where the <b>Pirates</b> are stranded. There's a theme for every taste. Can you become the next Solitaire master and brag among your friends?

Solitaire Lounge's main design is to immerse you in <b>solitude</b>. Every theme has been carefully crafted to provide a relaxing atmosphere and lets you sink deep into your couch while playing your favorite Solitaire game.

Every theme has been hand crafted to be fun, beautiful and relaxing. Enjoy a different soundtrack with every theme.

◆ Themes

Themes in Solitaire Lounge are designed with custom backgrounds, cards and soundtracks. Special effects are added to create a dash of beauty and makes working through the adventure fun.

◆ Adventure Mode

Play through adventure mode to unlock new themes and challenges! New challenges are being designed to make Solitaire more fun and exciting for you.

◆ Leaderboards

Work your way up the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all-time leaderboards with your high scores. Leaderboards are a fun way to see how well you have been playing!

◆ Statistics

Track your top 5 scores. These scores are great for those of you who like to play alone and challenge yourselves.

◆ 3 Card Draws

For those of you who like a bit of a challenge, with the 3 card draw mode you draw 3 cards from the stack instead of 1. If you win, your score is tripled and you will land much higher in the leaderboards.

◆ Landscape Mode

Solitaire Lounge has been optimized for mobile phones to work well in portrait and landscape mode and you are free to rotate your screen as you please.

◆ Experience Level

As you strategically play in Solitaire Lounge you gain XP (Experience Points) and once you have enough XP you Level Up!

◆ No Hints

Solitaire Lounge is a leaderboard driven card game. We believe games are more fun and rewarding when you have to work to win. As a conscious design decision we don't tell you which moves you can make, we don't let you undo and we don't tell you if the game is not winnable. You can read more on how Solitaire Lounge uses a completely random deck generator on <a href="<a href=" https:="""" wiki="" klondike_"=""></a>(solitaire)">Wikipedia. We urge you not to rate this game poorly, because of these features. In the future we may decide to introduce these features in a special way that will not partake in the leaderboards.

So focus, be determined and often with a bit of patience and fiddling you will find that you can win!

Solitaire Lounge is constantly evolving for a great user experience. Be sure to follow us on <a href="<a href=" https:="""" solitairelounge="" "=""></a>">Facebook for the latest news on Solitaire Lounge.

Thank you for playing Solitaire Lounge!

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